Musk extract
  • Musk extract

Musk extract

The extract of musk, a fragrance that brings softness and freshness.



The musk extract, a subtle olfactory symphony, charms with its enchanting notes. Evoking timeless sensuality, it creates a captivating aura, leaving a memorable and irresistible impression.

Musk extract, available in vials for use on diffusers or censers, is the result of several years of experience of Moroccan fragrance artisans. It is the result of a mixture of floral scents and a touch of woody spices.

Musk is extracted from the abdominal glands of the musk deer, a species originally living in the lands of Central Asia, hence its rarity and great value among its fans; a material that can be also extracted from other animal species, musk duck and muskox, and certain plants.