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Planetproduct is a company located and based in Agadir city, Morocco, the capital of Argania. This tree, which is 25 million years old, is from which we extract our well known Argan oil; One of the rarest oils in our planet.  As it is exposed to extinction, Argania has been classified as a universal heritage by UNESCO since 1999.

Argan implantation trials in the other parts of the world, particularly in Israel, have not yet been productive, despite the extensive genetic manipulation.

We are specialized in the manufacture and export of cosmetics and alimentary products based on Argan oil. This magic oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, which makes it a highly nourishing oil for the skin and a main beauty asset. Our main asset is the quality as well as the diversity of our products.

The majority of women around the world have trust in the benefits of argan oil; we hope that you too will find pleasure in visiting our website.