Sérum ongles cassants
  • Sérum ongles cassants

Nail Strengthening Serum

This serum nourishes and strengthens soft and brittle nails.



This nail strengthening serum is a restorative lotion which contains powerful amino acids that nourish, strengthen and naturally stimulate healthy nail growth. The results of a regular application are immediate and visible within 15 days. Recommended treatment after removing false nails or nail polish, it revitalizes nails and accelerates their growth.

Soft, brittle or split are all indicatives of nail fragility that can have various origins: prolonged contact with water or chemicals, washing dishes, changing seasons, dry weather, excessive use of nail polish remover, fatigue, stress, certain dietary deficiencies ... This nail strengthening serum based on argan oil and garlic oil, deeply affects the growth of the nails, fortifies them and protects them against external aggressions.

A must use in any manicure session for stronger, smoother, and visibly longer beautiful nails. This nail strengthening serum, which is completely invisible, precedes the laying of any other base or varnish, and quickly penetrates your nail. Simply apply one drop per day of serum on each uncoated nail and massage with your fingers to penetrate the product and allow your nails to regain their vigor.