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Rich in vitamin E and carotene, this Argan oil for tanning is remarkable for getting tanned quickly and intensely. It gives the skin a beautiful color infinitely seductive.

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  • Argan oil is known as one of the most effective natural tanning accelerators. Extremely rich in vitamin E and carotene, this tanning oil allows your skin to gain a glamorous color quickly and intensely, in addition to nourishing your skin deeply. Thus fulfilling the dream of every beach lover with a clear complexion.


    Thanks to its sweet scent and penetrating texture, this argan tanning oil immediately gives the skin a beautiful infinitely seductive amber color.


    This argan tanning oil does not protect against UVA and UVB, as it is the case for oils containing monoi, hazelnut, coconut or carrots. Direct exposure to the sun between 11h and 15h is therefore strongly discouraged to reduce the risk of redness, sunburn and burns.

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