Prickly pear seeds oil 30ML
  • Prickly pear seeds oil 30ML
  • Prickly pear seeds oil 30ML

Prickly pear seeds oil

This oil is natural contains no coloring or preservative, in addition to being a very powerful anti-wrinkle and gives a tensing effect on the skin.



Prickly pear oil is a natural cosmetic product that contains no chemical dyes or preservatives. It is extracted from fig seeds, a Mexican cactus, that's very common throughout the Mediterranean and the Maghreb. It is an exceptional ally to fight against skin aging, in addition to being an effective anti wrinkles that gives a nice tightening effect to your face and body.

Berber women have been using prickly pear seed oil for centuries to quickly heal and protect their skin from the hot and scorching winds of the south. A lotion that stimulates the production of collagen and delays the appearance of the first wrinkles. It also stimulates the natural exfoliation process, accelerates cell renewal and restores softness, radiance and firmness of the skin.

Prickly pear oil is a prodigious anti-aging that moisturizes, protects and heals the skin all day and night.