Cosmetic Argan Oil

Face care and body in natural cold pressed cosmetic Argan oil. This smoothing Argan oil is an excellent anti-wrinkle which delays skin aging and provides intense skin hydration, in addition to its appreciated vanilla scent.

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  • Cold pressed argan oil for cosmetic use has already proven its anti-aging effects. Scientific studies have shown that its richness in vitamins A and E, the abundance of Omega6 and Omega9 fatty acids, and the presence of natural elements with restructuring power give it antioxidant, nourishing and hydrating properties, an increased efficiency against skin aging and boosted cellular regeneration.


    Organic cosmetic argan oil is a beauty secret handed down by Berber women from generation to generation for several centuries. Its vanilla-scented fragrance makes it an easy product to use and an excellent substitute for chemical cosmetics that are aggressive for the skin.


    For your body, the nourishing and moisturizing virtues of organic cosmetic argan oil make it a better replacement of any other conventional cosmetic oils. For your face, a few drops are enough to firm the skin and restore its elasticity. Thanks to it, hands and feet are also protected in winter against cold aggression. Furthermore, a weekly bath with organic argan oil and lemon juice helps to keep beautiful nails.


    Today, available in a multitude of beauty products, organic cosmetic argan oil helps maintain the youthfulness of your face, the hydration of your body, the shine of your hair, the health of your nails and the softness and glamour of your skin.

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