• Henna


This henna formulated for cosmetic use is applied to beautify the skin, soften it, and accelerate healing. You can also use to naturally dye your hair mean while taking care of the scalp.



Henna, a natural gem, transcends the hair realm with its benefits. Enveloping hair in a rich and vibrant hue, it strengthens, soothes, and nourishes. Its power extends beyond coloring, acting as an ancestral treatment. Simultaneously, henna, as a natural tattoo, evokes ephemeral patterns of profound beauty, honoring tradition while celebrating contemporary creativity.

Dying hair with Henna was applied for centuries by both women and men, and stills now an effective technique with an extremely natural finish. Coloring white hair with henna is also a dreadfully effective process that consists of applying natural henna for several hours before rinsing it, and then chaining it with the desired color. Henna serves in this case as a color fixative.

Henna is pure and all-natural; it has no contraindications or side effects. It even makes it possible to counter the devastating effects of chemical staining and gives fine hair volume by strengthening the structure of the fiber. It is also a purifying product; it absorbs excess oil, both on the scalp and on the skin, and can be used for tattoos or as a natural self-tanner.

In the Hammam ritual, henna is mixed with black soap and applied all over the body before the famous ritual of body exfoliation.