Psoriasis cream
  • Psoriasis cream
  • Psoriasis cream

Psoriasis cream

To use this cream, you have to clean up surroundings with a mild soap and dry the affected parts, then heat this psoriasis cream in the palm of the hands and apply morning and evening on the areas of psoriasis. Always wash the next day with soap.



This psoriasis cream is an excellent remedy against chronic inflammations of the skin and a daily application of it can mitigate the effects.

Psoriasis is a non-contagious inflammatory skin disease that is characterized by red and scaly lesions of the scalp, knees and elbows. Evolving in cycles with periods of remission; it is also characterized by the appearance, in different places of the body, of thick patches of skin which are detached in forms of "white scales". Thus, it leaves areas of red and extremely sensitive skin.

This psoriasis cream based on argan oil, thanks to its natural formula that accelerates cellular regeneration and nourishes the skin, is the ideal complement to heavy treatments prescribed by dermatologists. This cream with argan oil is a skincare that quickly soothes psoriasis attacks and relieves inflammation and itching of the skin and scalp.

Use method:
It is advisable to clean the areas affected with psoriasis with a neutral argan oil soap solution (see Hamam section) before drying them thoroughly. The psoriasis cream with argan oil must be warmed in the palm of the hand before being applied to these areas, morning and evening. It should only be washed the next day after having dried and took effect.