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Rose extract 15ML


Born of the best selections of roses, rose extract mark by its finesse and freshness, and its low odor, natural while still very pronounced. Rose extract is a great classic of perfumery that can be used to perfume the body or house.

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  • Out of the best selections of roses, comes this rose extract marked by its finesse and freshness, as well as its discrete, natural smell. Rose extract is a classic perfume that can be used to scent the body or the living-places.


    Rose, an emblematic flower of literature and popular culture, is characterized by its imbricated petals, its great beauty and easily distinguishable scent. It is one of the most cultivated plants in the world, exploited in cosmetics, gastronomy but also in the form of ornament.


    Used with a heater or an electric diffuser, rose extract creates a refined and elegant atmosphere in the house; similar to the freshness of a morning dew. For the body, it effectively replaces alcohol-based chemical manufacturing perfumes and leaves velvet, bewitching notes on the skin.


    Floral perfumery has always given Rose extract a special status, either as a main ingredient or in combination with other essences that are part of the composition of fragrances, usually feminine.

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