Shampoing anti psoriasis à l'huile de cade
  • Shampoing anti psoriasis à l'huile de cade

Anti-psoriasis shampoo with cade oil

This argan oil shampoo combats hair psoriasis thanks to its cade oil-based formula.



This shampoo combats psoriasis thanks to the antifungal and healing properties of cade oil. Extracted from a Mediterranean shrub, cade oil has been used since Antiquity for its antiseptic and healing properties. It acts against dermatitis and itching of the scalp. In addition to cade oil, which helps treat and cleanse the scalp against psoriasis and dermatitis, this shampoo also contains Argan oil, which, thanks to its nourishing and fortifying properties, enhances your hair, giving it strength and shine.

Cade is a plant, the leaf and the oil extracted from the wood are used medicinally, notably for psoriasis of the skin and hair. The oil is also widely used in perfumes, skin creams and other products.